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Extra projects

Support for students

We give regular support to schoolchildren and students in India as well as in Tibet whose financial situation would otherwise oblige them to terminate their studies. Students in Tibet

who have obtained the qualifications but are unable to pay for their studies are supported by financial bursaries. Many students, both boys and girls, are presently benefiting from our student support program, which so far has permitted ten students to graduate successfully.

Medizin-Student Rinzin Wangchuk
Student Kelsang Wangmo

Support for schools

Kusho Gyalten, a Tibetan lama, financed the construction of a primary school in Kartse for the village children of Dargay with his own resources. We gave him a one-time donation of 40,000 yuan in 2005.

A Tibetan civil servant, Lobsang Dolma in the town of Dawu, followed our example and built a school for children from socially disadvantaged families who could not pay for their schooling. We supported her efforts with an annual donation of 40,000 yuan. In the meantime, helped by donations from other organizations, she has built a beautiful new school for these children, which opened in 2001.

Since 2007 we have been working closely together with Dargye, a physician who practices close by in the region of Golok. We contributed 40,000 yuan for the construction of his Tibetan medicine clinic. Dargye has remained in touch with our village head, Thubten Nyima, and trusting that the authorities permit it we intend to work even more closely with him in the hope of starting up joint projects such as medical training for our own children.


Kusho Gyalten’s School
Lobsang Dolma’s School