The TADRA-Projekt e.V.

The Tadra Project was brought into being by a small dedicated group of Tibetan and German friends in late 1995. We have been working together on a voluntary basis for decades and have also carried out similar projects in Northern India.

Our aim is to provide orphans and abandoned children in Tibet with a home and sound vocational training until they are able to support themselves.

The association “Tadra-Projekt e.V.” is registered at Lüdenscheid District Court, Germany. As we are a registered charity, donations made to us are tax-deductible. We are subject to an annual audit by the German Inland Revenue.

All donors and sponsors regularly receive a circular at least once a year with a travel report on the progress of the project and telling how the funds are employed.

We therefore request all donors whose address is not known to us and who wish to receive a receipt for a donation or our annual report to inform us of the details.