Tadra Trust

The Tadra Trust was founded by Dr. Müller and his wife Elisabeth Bach-Schedel in 2007

so as to contribute to establish a long term financial stability for the Tadra Project.

The address:

Tadra-Stiftung, 87700 Memmingen,

Post box: Falchenweg 32, 87746 Erkheim


Board members:

1). S.K.H. Eberhard Herzog von Wüttemberg, Scloss Altshausen

2). Dr. Günter Müller, Assling-Steinkirchen

3). Elisabeth Bach-Schedel, Memmingen


Board of directors

1). Dr. YoulhaTawo, Bonn

2). Mrs. Sabine Dehnert, Memmingen


Aim of the Trust:

To promote international attitude/collaboration, tolerance in all the fields of culture,

the ideas of mutual understanding, education and upbrining of the youth and helping

the old. In particular the incoming funds of the Tadra Trust benefits the Tadra project.

Charitable status:

The Tadra Trust is niether religiously nor politically obliged and it is solely aimed for

charitable objectives . It is jurisdicted under the trust laws of the Bayern state government.


Access to Bank for donors:

Account No.: 1322544

BLZ: 73370024

Deutsche (German) Bank, Memmingen