House Sponsorship

Should you or your company wish to fund a complete orphanage, it is possible to have this building named after you or for it to be dedicated to a person of your choice as it is traditional in Eastern Tibet for houses to have names. According to this local custom, the house will bear the sponsor’s name or that of the dedicated person in three languages (Tibetan, Chinese and English) on a large brass plaque near the entrance. In the house itself a photograph and short biography of the sponsor in Tibetan and English are on display as we wish to establish an association between you and the children and ensure that they know who to thank for their new home.

(A turnkey house in Kham currently costs approx. 25,000 EUR.)
Construction costs are rising continually owing to rapid economic development in China. In Amdo, our project location, the high altitudes, difficult climatic conditions as well as long transport routes make construction costs much higher than in our first children’s village in Kham. The current cost of a turnkey house in Amdo comes to approx. 35,000 EUR.

In addition, and where possible, we would very much appreciate your contributing to the running costs of the children who live in your house. This would safeguard our work and financial planning on a long-term basis. Running costs include food and clothing; medical care; vocational training of the 15 orphans and the foster mother’s salary. As a sponsor you will receive a large photograph of the completed house and the children as a memento. You are welcome to visit our children’s village at any time and get to know the children living there.

Every Order Helps

A number of artists, multimedia specialists etc. give us their constant support by donating the proceeds from the sale of their works. You have the opportunity of acquiring pictures, CDs etc. and of supporting the Tadra Project at the same time.                                      

Postcards “Impressions of Tibet”

Dr. Klaus Vedder, a member of the Tadra Association, captured his “Impressions of Tibet” on 10 photo postcards that are now available for sale.

Paintings for Tibet

For some time now two artists have been painting specifically for theTadra Project. They have used exclusively Tibetan themes as you can see from the patterns here. 20 framed or unframed water colours are now available from 150 EUR each. The paintings measure either 50 x 70 or 40 x 50 cm.
We act as mediator between you and the artists. The water colours are also available on loan as an entire collection for exhibitions for various purposes. All proceeds go to the Tadra Project. We would like to express our thanks for this unusual idea and hope there will be lots of buyers!

Multimedia CD on Tibet

This is an excellent multimedia CD with information on Buddhism, the culture, history and wildlife and nature of Tibet. In addition to many acoustic and visual elements, the CD also includes a Tibetan play / game. By purchasing this CD you are supporting theTadra Project and the School for the Blind in Lhasa.