The school

Construction of a school has to conform to the strict regulations laid down by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Tawu being a region that is often shaken by earthquakes, this had to be taken into consideration in the plans. So the school building is very massive and as earthquake-proof as possible, but with the facadea in the traditional Tibetan design.

Construction of the school was completed in November 2000. It offers a successful mix of modern western and traditional Tibetan elements, in both practical and esthetic terms. The school has six classrooms, a library, a meeting room, a laboratory and an office.

Not only our own children of the orphanage, but also the poor children from the nearby village are taught free of charge, so that as many children as possible can benefit from our school. Admission is based exclusively on social criteria, that is to say the poorest children have priority.

The school building
Our school.
Children at play
Our teachers
Cleaning up the school grounds
Cleaning up the school grounds
Visitors from abroad
An open-air festival
Grade 1, 2009
Grade 2, 2009
Grade 3, 2009
Grade 4, 2009
Grade 5, 2009
Grade 6, 2009


As to the content of the curriculum we are obliged to adhere to the local regulations. The Chinese authorities have made the concession that we may teach in the Tibetan language. Our school-leaving certificate is accredited nationwide, so that our children can attend public middle and high schools after they graduate. The teachers are employed with the approval of the local authorities. All employees of the Tadra project receive a fair salary according to the standards of the region.

Dawa Yumtso at her exam
Sangrel Druda and Tenzin Phuntsok studying
Tashi Dolkar in the English lesson


The children receive instruction in Tibetan, Chinese, English, mathematics, song and dance. Our English teachers come as volunteers from foreign countries: Germany, Switzerland, England and Austria. Over the years our school has earned a fine reputation for its outstanding achievements, especially in English and Tibetan.

Many of our students attend middle and high school in nearby towns where they receive much praise for their highly developed social skills and their linguistic abilities in Tibetan and English. They often come top in exams and have won prizes and received awards. Lhado, a 17-year-old student from Drango, has been honored as the best student of his year at the middle school in Rangnaka, for example.

The best students showing their awards
Our students at the middle school in Rangnaka, 2010



Our students at the high school in Dartsedo, 2010.
Our students at the high school in Kandze, 2009.
Chime Dorje is a medical student in the vicinity of Dartsedo, 2009.
Sherab Gyaltsen has been studying Tibetan medicine at the famous Mentse Khang University in Lhasa since 2009