Development of the project

After the Chinese government had ratified our project we immediately started to build the first house. In Germany we tried to collect money through various activities: we held lectures, showed pictures, sold Tibetan souvenir-articles and dishes at events, informed the people and gave Tibetan concerts. After we had finished building the first houses and could show the first pictures of our children our project got more and more famous all over Europe. Our solid work and the good concept convinced the people. As our project became more famous the number of donors and sponsors rose enormously. Consequently we could complete the construction of our first children’s village after only eight years.


In 2007 we celebrated our tenth anniversary!

Tibetan dances being performed by the children at our jubilee celebrations
The people from the village of Tawu showed us their gratitude by bringing us kataks (Tibetan lucky scarves)
Our children with their housemothers and teachers in the summer of 2009
The new network of paths between the houses with trashcans
The entrance gates and caretaker house were required by the local authorities