our children in Kham

Monlam Gyamtso and Urgyan Lhakyi

Monlam Gyatso at the age of four became the Pet of Tadra school. The rules of Tadra projects does not allow the admission of children below the age of five. Every foster mother takes care of 10-15 children. It would be an extra burden when she is entrusted the responsibilities of minor children. Besides Tadraproject aim that the children receive good education, hence the children under five would be too small.

Monlam Gyatso and his sisters were an exception. As he was almost 6 months old, his mother passed away. It was not him alone but there were 6 more children left behind. Their father did not bother to take care of the family. He was, infact not in the position either for he was alcoholic and hence could not handle any job properly. As our school director, Jampa heard about the condition of the family, he visited the nomadic locality situated near by Tawo and found the children starving, especially the case of Monlam Gyatso, the darling among the children, was in critical condition.

To save the children from death, the youngest 4 were brought to the childrens village immediately. The foster mother of Patrick-house volunteered to take care of Monlam Gyatso. The rest three of them were distributed among the other houses, including then the three year old Ogyan Lhakyi. In the menwhile Monlam Gyatso, the darling of every one, received caress from house mothers, teachers and all.

It was winter 2008, when we heard that Monlam Gyatso´s father sold his eldest daughter to serve a rich family, we decided to bring her too in our childrens village. Now all the brothers and sisters live togather in our childrens village.

Monlam und seine Geschwister kurz nachdem ihre Mutter gestorben war.
Monlam mit Jampa.
Urgyan bevor sie ins Kinderdorf kam.
Ein Jahr später im Kinderdorf.


Namka mit 16 Jahren.

The nomadic child Namkha from Serta was ten years old when he was admitted in Tadra school. His mother died few years back and thereafter his father abandoned him and his small brother Lhado. None of their relatives were ready to accept them and hence both spent a year long in a shake. Namkha took care of his small brother, as both were left helplessly self dependent, they ate garbage food collecting from the dustbins. Lastly their grand parents took care of Lhado and Namkha was handed over to an unknown family. There he, at the age of 8, was given the task of

looking after the yaks from morning till late in the evening, collecting fire woods and many other odd assignments.

As Namkha was admitted in Tadra village in 2001, he was extremely happy and thankful and spent his new year holidays in the childrens village.

He always tried his best to express his thankfullness by assisting the children, the village administraters and the teachers as much as he could. On these ground he became, very soon an absolute reliable person and in the coming years he took full responsibilty in taking care of the outside affairs of the childrens village.

Namkha, before joining the Tadra village, had never been to school and so it was difficult for him, in the beginning to cope with the systematic learning. His ability was quite poor in the beginning. But within few years Namkha developed himself into one of the best in his class. After that he succeeded passing the primary school exam and hence he could attend the middle school. He was exceptionally attracted towards learning english. Thus he became the interpreter in the Tadra school and also taught during the holidays. Since two years Namkha is attending the high school.

The results of his exams were brilliant. Namkha wanted to learn Tibetan medicine. Ever since his mother died, the wish to learn medicine so to help the poor needy people, such as his kind, developed in his mind, because his family was not in the position to pay the doctor when his mother was sick .



Konchok was a six year old nomade girl from Zachu-kha, a nomadic region many kilometers away north of Tawo. She came to Tadra childrens village as a small girl, when her parents passed away. Konchok has no uncles, aunts or grand parents who could or would take care of her. There was no one who paid her a visit. So spend her holidays staying in the childrens village

Soon after she was brought to the childrens village she suffered an auditory canals disease and one of her ear went deaf and the other one too became so dim that she could hardly hear. We did our best to cure her by consulting the hospitols in Chengdu. Unfortunately the doctors failed to help her and even the hearing apparatus helped her much. Inspite of being handicapped she is extremely motivated. In the meantime she is attending the middle school in Tawo and infact she proved to be an exceptionally good student. She was active in all the activities. She liked to dance, participated in competitions and took part in all the games.

All the house mothers, teachers and children in Tadra-childrens village helped Konchok in her endeavour and always took utmost care not to arose the feeling of her handicap. Konchok has a special loving rapport towards her foster mother of Andrea house and she is always ready to help. Her favourite food is fresh curd and she wanted to become a tibetan doctor.


some fotos

Dadul and Choesang
Ugyen Lhakyi with Beat and others
Tsering Choetso and Kunga Choekyi
Yeshe Dolma
Mönlam Gyatso and children
Beat with Jampa Lhamo and Kelsang Choedon
Kelsang Choedon